Model Kits for adults

The main reason why adults love model kits is they have their imagination sparked in their childhood and this has never left them as they have entered adult life. Rooms in houses and been set aside for the passion of assembling scale models of cars, boats aircrafts and anything else that may have grabbed the modelers interest. The skills in assembling complicated kits are detailed, and modelers will pride themselves on the detail, accuracy and quality of the models they have produced.

Many modelers belong to model clubs but the main area where they will purchase their models will be with the same companies that supplied the children’s models. The main exception is LEGO where there will be only a few adults who will still purchase LEGO items. As adults become more experienced as model builders the equipment they need and use will become more and more expensive. For an adult modeler who has just started the equipment he will need will be the basics. This includes a hobby knife, budget paint brushes, sanding sticks, needle-file set, sandpaper, masking tape, rubber bands, tooth picks, tweezers, spray paint, thinner, model cement, white glue, thinner and respirator mask. Once these items have been purchased, the modeler needs a work bench and a room with enough space to work unhindered.

The most detailed models need master craftsmen

Once everything is in place the modeler will need to choose a model at the right level of difficulty. Once purchased the modeler will follow the instructions to produce the end product. Pretty soon the person will realise that there is a number of skills that need to be mastered if quality models are going to be produced. If the modeler is inspired to move forward he will then purchase a model of more detail, greater difficulty and more expense. As well as the more challenging model costs more the equipment will need up-grading.

Air brush paint kit will require air brush thinner, lacquer thinner, better paint brushes, chrome foil, filler putty, superglue, superglue debonder, superglue accelerator, modelling wax, polishing kit, paints and fine masking tape. If the modeler continues to progress, he will then look to be purchasing the very best models for the very highest prices. People will not mind doing this as modelling kits can be a competitive world.

Some of the tools and supplies needed for model kits

The very best modelers are highly respected and have to combine a number of key skills to be the best. They have to be good at art and have a passion for detail. They will need to look at history and put their own interpretation of what they see into the model. The model that is supplied is just the foundation of the project. The quality of the end project will depend on the modelers own flair. For the top modelers to produce the very best supplies are needed. Double-action airbrush, magnifier lamp, sheet metal bender, scalpel, multi speed motor tool, dial calliper, soldering iron, punch and die set, colour balanced work light, spray booth and miniature lathe.

Suddenly, the cost of the equipment needed is over 1500 US dollars and that is without the cost of the model. Some kits can cost over 1500 US dollars themselves, so this can be an expensive hobby. However, people will only pay what they can afford to pay and if they shop wisely modelling can be a rewarding hobby giving great value for the amount of money spent.